Sestan Busch
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Šestan-Busch offers wide range of thermoplastic and composites products. In a field of equipment for army produces ballistic security equipment, biologic chemical protective items and plastic parts.

ŠESTAN- BUSCH is a modern private factory which production is under continuous supervision its own experts educated for purpose production and under outside control of foreign business partners under ISO 9001 standards. It has also continually cooperation in a field of developing new materials with well-known institutes from Croatia, Germany, Italy , U.S.A., Spain and under countries.

ŠESTAN- BUSCH has , beside its own experts, modern technologies which correspondents to complex requirements of production military equipment; therefore its products meet and over fulfil the top of world quality military products, and first off all:

  • riot composite helmets with high ballistic protection V50 over 700 m/s
  • personal decontamination kit UPOD M1 and M2,
  • different technical products from plastic materials for special purposes

ŠESTAN- BUSCH constantly follows and takes a part in development of new materials, new testings’ in a field of protection, comfort ability and design of riot helmets and other products , also in development new protection helmet for riot armoured vehicle and parachutists helmet, also some other new products which are needed in protection of modern solder, sportsmen and man. Firm has 50 employees. Its items are exported in more than 40 countries all over the world.

  • There are also some patents in a firm on special procedure of helmets production through which the ballistic components are improved for 50 %.
  • In 2008 offer of the firm becomes wider with new boltless helmet and on this way are avoid week points on riot helmet. Firm has a patents also on this type of helmet.


Realized results follows also a lot of awards :

  • Golden kuna /Croatian Chamber of Commerce -Međimurje region/ 2000-for the best small firm in region;
  • Golden kuna /Croatian Chamber of Commerce/ 2005, 2006, 2011 year as an award on state level;
  • Acknowledgment of Ministry of economy, labour and entrepreneurship 2006 for the best small firm in Croatia;
  • Alojzije Šestan 2001 year was mentioned as the best manager of the year;
  • blazon of town Prelog for year 2004 ;
  • award "Zrinski" of Međimurje region for year 2009
  • Golden key year 2010 for the best exporter in U.A. E.;
  • award Gazelle and Golden plaque of Croatian Chamber of Commerce year 2011 for the best small trade firm ;
  • in year 2011 Alojzije Šestan is owner of award of Croatian association of managers CROMA for life work.
  • „MERIT OF INVENTION“ Medals of knight innovation Kingdom of Belgium, Brussels 2012

Alojzije Šestan is actuator of successful business projects and also social active person because he helps development and work a lot of associations:
He is president of association of producers military production for special purposes by Croatian Chamber of Commerce.
He is the member of board of directors of Associations for plastic and gum.
From 2003. he is over commander of Croatian historical platoon Zrinska guard of Čakovec.

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